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Connect any app with StreetFair

Using Zapier, an automation tool, StreetFair can connect with your CRM/FSM, invoicing, and scheduling apps

* Zapier's free tier limits you to 100 tasks per month to use on any of StreetFair's integration features. Learn More

* Don't see your CRM or favorite app above? Contact us and we can set up a template for you to use!


How your apps connect with StreetFair

Increase your efficiency by using easy to set up automation between StreetFair and your business tools

Broadcast upcoming jobs to the neighborhood

Available Now

Supported by:

Get your business in front of more homeowners by automatically notifying the neighborhood on StreetFair when you schedule any job in advance

How this impacts your business:
•  Incentivize neighbors to book together
•  Decrease driving time between jobs
•  Earn credit and climb the rankings

Send StreetFair referrals directly to your CRM

Coming Q4 2024

Supported by:

View StreetFair service requests details and contact information directly in your CRM as soon as the service request comes in

How this impacts your business:
•  Stop copy/pasting info into your CRM
•  Start answering service requests faster
•  Manage all your requests in a single place

Update StreetFair when you schedule and complete jobs

Coming Q4 2024

Supported by:

As soon as you update job details in your CRM, automatically tell StreetFair the details to eliminate additional steps for your business

How this impacts your business:
•  Remove the need to update two systems
•  Keep your systems in sync with zero work
•  Maintain a high StreetFair response rate

Earn neighborhood credit for all your past work

Available Now

Supported by:

Automatically climb the rankings in each neighborhood on StreetFair by confirming how many times you've completed a job there

How this impacts your business:
•  Boost your ranking in each neighborhood
•  Get credit for your entire work history
•  Eliminate manually exporting/importing jobs

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Still have some questions about how our platform works?

Does this cost any money?

It's free to use our integrations while you're on our platform, the only cost is a 6% - 10% success fee (based on the service you provide) for closed referrals. We make sure StreetFair doesn’t cost you a dime unless you get paid first with zero hidden fees or other charges. Zapier and your other apps may have additional charges that apply.

How long does it take to set up?

We make it simple to get your integrations set up on StreetFair. You can configure it yourself with our how-to guides or contact our team to set up a quick call and we'll personally walk you through every step.

Do I have to use integrations?

No, you can do everything our integrations can do manually. Our integration features are meant to save you time and increase your chance at landing more business.

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