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Climb the rankings in each neighborhood on StreetFair by confirming how many times you've completed a job there

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Homeowners want to hire who their neighbors hired

We consistently see that homeowners prefer to hire companies their neighbors have already used before. Finding the true neighborhood favorites for homeowners is what StreetFair is all about.




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200+ neighborhoods

are starting to use StreetFair in the Dallas / Fort Worth area

Businesses are sorted based on their popularity

We determine the neighborhood favorites by crediting you for each address you can verify

When a homeowner is looking for a service professional like you, we show them the most trusted providers first.

If you don't get credit for your past work then you'll be at the bottom of the list!

Exterior Cleaners In Your Neighborhood

Get listed as the neighborhood favorite today

Making sure your job history is credited on StreetFair the biggest differentiator for your business on the platform by far!

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It's like asking your neighbors for referrals...
without actually having to ask your neighbors for referrals.

Real customers

StreetFair verifies your past work, so you homeowners can hire confidently

No promos

You can't pay for placement because we rank by the number of customers you serve

Increase trust

Our platform is powered by your actual neighbors and vetted service professionals

Don't worry, it's simple

We make it as easy as possible to get credit for previously completed jobs.

Upload an export from your system or any list of customer addresses you have and we will do all the work of mapping them the respective neighborhood.

That's it! You'll see your business climb to the top if you dominate a particular area or neighborhood.

I'll help you get credit for all your past work

You can upload a copy of your customers' addresses in our Provider app. We'll load them into our system to boost you up in the neighborhoods you deserve.

Need help? Have Questions? Want someone to walk you through it?

Give me a call or text, I want to ensure you get the most out of our platform!

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Integrate directly with your favorite business apps

StreetFair automatically syncs with your provider to give you credit in real-time as you complete jobs.

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Still have some questions about how our platform works?

Does this cost any money?

No, StreetFair doesn't believe in paying to be listed at the top of any neighborhood. By proving where you work by supplying your completed job history list, you get credit where you deserve!

What format and data do you need?

It can be in whatever format is best for you, and we only want the customer's first name, last name, and address.

What if I don't know the neighborhood?

Don't worry, you don't need to provide the neighborhood for your job history. Our system uses their address to determine which neighborhood to credit you in.

Will you contact my past customers?

No, You don't have to worry about us using previous job information for any other purpose besides making sure we have the neighborhood favorites listed on our platform.

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